Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Why Backup ( Backup Computer Systems )

Data security is a serious issue that should not be treated with levity. Most organization in this age rely heavily on management information systems to process and store data.

Such data are vital to the smooth running of the organization. Examples of data usage in organization are; marketing decisions, such as customer preference, data showing weak sales e.t.c

Due to the important role data and information play in the success of an organization its security must be a priority.(Top Backup Software Computer System)

The Need For Data Backup

Data backup is a data security tool. The constant availability of data without backup cannot be guaranteed.

Why We Need To Backup Our Data

Computer systems are subject to failures or accidents. Such failures and accidents affect the availability of data.(Top Backup Software Computer System)

Fortune 500 companies, with large volumes of data depend on these data for per second decision making cannot afford a downtime of 5 minutes which result into losses running into millions of Dollars.

The Following Could happen To Your Computer System

  • Hard disk could crash.
  • Computer processor could develop serious faults.
  • There could be a serious virus attack.
  • Accidents such as a burst in the water pipe, which could lead to water flooding the office and destroying computer systems.
  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricane e.t.c.
  • Human mistake, such as spilling tea or water over a computer system, accidental formatting of the hard drive, accidental data change e.t.c.
  • Theft of the computer system.
  • Software could get corrupt, such cases have happened before where saved Microsoft Word document was lost without a trace.(Top Backup Software Computer System)

Where To Store Your Data Backup

The location of where to store your data backup is another serious issue.

Why backup your data and store such backup in the same location with your management information systems. The purpose of the data backup is defeated.

Tips On Where To Locate Your Data Backup

  • Make sure your backup data is not located in a disaster prune area. Disasters such as earthquake, flood, hurricane e.t.c.(Top Backup Software Computer System)
  • Make such you have two copies of your backup data.
  • Ensure backup data is stored in a secure place.

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