Tuesday, 23 September 2008

How To Create Backup File

Backing up data has become golden rule in the computer world. You need to backup data once in a day to avoid panics at the time of data loss.(Backup Computer Systems) Data backups, hard drive backups, email backups prove beneficial when you lose some important data. In such case you can trust the backed up data!

How to create backup of your data:

You might have heard many people saying about backing up data but might not know how to create backups of your data. You can create backup by following simple steps without any added backup software to your computer system.

1. Click Start

2. Select All Programs Accessories System Tools Backup

3. Backup and Restore Wizard window will be displayed.

4. Click Next. The following window will ask the operation you want to perform.

5. Select Back up files and settings option if you want to create backups of your data or select Restore files and settings option, if you want to restore any backup.(Backup Computer Systems)

6. Click Next.

7. What to Back up screen will be displayed. Here you can select what files you want to backup. The backup system allows you to backup:

My documents and settings: Create backup of My documents folder, Favorites, Desktop items and cookies

Everyone’s documents and settings: Create backup of every user’s My Documents folder, their favorites, Desktop items and cookies

All information on this computer: Create backup of entire data of the computer system. It also creates a system recovery disk which proves helpful while restoring Windows in the case of major failure.

Let me choose what to backup: Create backup of your desired files and folders.

Select the appropriate option and click Next. The next screen is displayed according to the selected option. We had selected Let me choose what to backup in the previous screen. The window to select files and folders form your computer system will be displayed.

8. Select the files and folders and click Next. The window to select saving destination of the files which are being backed up will be displayed.

9. Select any location to save backup of your files and click Next. The finishing window of the backup process will be displayed.

10. Click Finish to complete the backup process. You can also specify advanced backup options by clicking the
Advanced… button. You can choose the type of backup which you want to create: Normal, Copy, Incremental, Differential and Daily.

11. Select the type of backup you want to create and click Next. The wizard will now start creating backup of the files and folders.

The Backup Progress window will appear with backup statistics. Backup of the files and folders on your computer system or on network has been created and now your data is safe and saves you from facing data loss situations.(Backup Computer Systems)

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